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Naming Rights Up For Grabs

Hypernova Media and Innovate 360 are selling the rights to one of Africa’s largest and most popular exhibition and events venues.

This is the perfect opportunity for your company to gain additional exposure in the market, to leverage off over R40 million spent annually in advertising and marketing of events and expo’s through different media channels such TV, radio, newspaper, digital and out-of-home marketing.

  • The venue attracts around 2 million feet annually.
  • The venue host numerous events annually aimed at consumers and organisations both locally and internationally.
  • We’ve got a lot more info. Contact us now and we’ll present to you.

What’s on offer?

  • Exclusive naming rights
  • Complete site branding
  • Building wraps
  • Scaff towers
  • Entrance and Exit branding
  • Hall and glass door vinyls
  • Street pole advertising
  • Digital media branding (website and mobile apps)
  • Ticketing branding
  • Exclusive use of the venue
  • To leverage off over R40,000,000 spent annually in marketing and advertising by the expo and the events it hosts
  • Access to over 3,000,000 feet annually
  • Opportunity to do product activation’s during events
  • Association with some of the largest events in Africa
  • Access to local and international exhibitors, companies and organisations.

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